Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chapters 4-6

I'll tell ya what.

Stradlater couldn't whistle decently even if he put his whole goddam heart into it. I don't think he has ever once been in tune during the time I had spent with him. What makes it even worse is that he chooses songs to whistle that even a whistling professional would struggle with. Stradlater has a talent alright. And that talent isn't whistling, it is managing to make any good song sound like the worst goddam song in the entire goddam universe. Especially Song of India by good ole Tommy Dorsey. That song his Stradlater's favorite song to whistle while he's shaving, and I am so goddam sick and tired of hearing that song. Maybe if he was any better I wouldn't mind as much. Someone aught to teach that man to whistle properly.

Song of India
How to Whistle Tutorial

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