Friday, May 11, 2012

Chapters 25 and 26

I couldn not help but thinking about moving by myself. I think about moving out west where I would not have to deal with the troubles that surround me here. My worries about my life with Sally would not be an issue anymore. I feel like living in the west could be very beneficial in my life. It would give me some goddam freedom that I have been looking for my entire life. It would give me the chance to a fresh start, and a fresh new lifestyle.

Chapters 23-24

As I awoke from sleeping on the couch during the middle of the night, I felt something on my head. It was pitch black in the room. Mr. Antolini was sitting there next to the couch I was laying on, patting my head. I had always looked up to Mr. Antolini ever since the James Castle incident, but now I had no clue what to think of him. I was very goddam weirded out, that's for sure. I was so confused and nervous and couldn't help but thinking of getting out of there. I had no idea what to say or how to react. All that was going through my mind was trying to figure out what exactly was happening and why. I couldn't make sense of it though. I had no idea how such a good intelligent man could turn out to be so eerie and weird.

Chapters 21-22

Let me tell you. The moment I saw there was a new elevator operator in my building was the happiest I had been that day. I swear, life was seeming too easy at the moment. Before I had arrived home, I had worried about the usual elevator operator knowing I was home and telling my parents or something. All I wanted was to see Phoebe. But this new elevator operator made my life a million times easier to get up to my floor. I didn't have to worry about him telling my parent he saw me, because I didn't even have to tell him my real name. After all, I told him I was going to see the "Dicksteins."

This sounded like the music in the elevator....

Chapters 17-20

Sally could be such a goddam pain in the ass sometimes. I thought my suggestion of moving away together and eventually getting married was a good idea, and of course she has to go ahead and disagree with me. She said maybe after I went to college. However, let's be honest. If I don't even want to go to high school what on goddam earth makes her think I'll want to go to college. It's so frustrating sometimes. I swear. Sometimes I love old Sally more than anything, and other times I wish I was never with her in the first place.

Chapters 15 & 16

Wow. How do I even start to explain those goddam suitcases the nuns had while I was at breakfast. The nuns that the suitcases belonged to ended up being very nice, I almost could even say I liked them, but their suitcases were a whole other story. They were so goddam cheap looking. The suitcases looked like they could have been found on the side of the street or something for all I know. Oh man, I just could not even stand looking at them, they were that cheap looking. It really isn't a polite habit, I have, judging the suitcases other people use. I'm not going to lie, sometimes I even begin to hate people that I see around with cheap suitcases. If only the goddam internet existed right now, I could send those nuns this link:
so they could buy themselves a new suitcase. Goddam.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Chapters 7-10

That blonde girl

Bernice I got to dance with was incredible. She was like a goddam professional dancer. I couldn't even tell you how long we danced for. I swear she could probably dance to every kind of music out there. I liked dancing the jitterbug with her best though. It's like she didn't even have to put any effort into it at all. It seemed so goddam natural. We moved around the dance floor like we were one. We were like Marco and Miranda, those famous dancers. I even asked Bernice if she knew who they were but she didn't. Overall it was a pretty goddam good night.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Chapters 11-14

I don't know why the cab driver got so goddam worked up when I asked him where the ducks that live in Central Park go to in the winter. It was just a simple question. No need to get so angry. He could have acted a bit more civilized instead of making it seem like it was the most worthless question he has ever heard. "How the hell should I know a stupid thing like that?" (pg.82) I thought it was a pretty goodam good question. I mean, in the warm seasons, the ducks live on the lake, but in the winter it gets so goddam cold out and the lake freezes, so one would naturally wonder where they go to during that time. So I did a little research and found this, guess I wasn't the only one who was wondering: